Why do you make your art?

Being creative is my connection to everything. Taking a moment of a day, a place, an interaction and transferring it to paper or canvas helps me connect to the world around me. To listen more closely to the sounds, to smell scents a little more strongly and to feel present in the moment. Taking all these in, I endeavor to recreate the experience.

What does my art signify or represent?

Growing up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, I have always been influence by the coast and all that it represents. The blue, greens and shifting sands have mesmerized me for years. As I paint, I often capture seascapes that will soon change as a are surly of rapid economic growth in Zanzibar and Tanzania. But lately, after taking 18 months off to travel and sketch around the world, I have documents my experience through watercolours and the the sketches I have created signify a snapshot of the world around me.

What does my art mean to me?

I am a self taught artist, and one of many who would have loved to follow their dream of art school, but sadly finding it impractical in certain economic climates. Now, a qualified Tanzanian lawyer, I find that I can afford to practice my art. Art is many things to me, but most of all it sis a chance to connect to my surroundings and make my mark in any shape or form.